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Audio Interview

Dr. Vivian Shipe

Executive Director - "I AM" the Voice of the Voiceless, change agent, visionary, life long learner, with a desire to help others, advocate for the homeless and the mentally ill. Actively pursuing a SAFETY CENTER as an alternative to jail for the mentally ill.

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Audio Interview

Kristen Slusher




Clinical Dietitian:

East Tennessee Children's Hospital



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Authors – Artists – Poets



American Farce


Michael Reimann



Copyright: July 2013

All Rights Reserved




Director: Steve Tigg


Max… Craig Smith

Skully… Thomas Higens

Roland… Molly Haymore

Candy… Leigh Hruby

Evelyn… Cheryl Hodge

Stage Direction… Steve Tigg







American Farce

Performed at The Lawson McGee Library

February 28, 2015


This audio production of the American Farce is followed by a question and answer session hosted by Michael Reimann and the Cast


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Poetry Reading

Thomas Higens



Tom Higens - Owner: Free Speech Emporium


Author of:

Lilith … In the Pit of Poseidon

Paragraphs … Observations and Musings

Sex in the Cemetery

Percival and Patrick … A Story about Jack

A Walk from Widow’s Weep




Select Poems:



The Poem and the Pearl

The Siren’s Song

Something Wicked

The Mathematics of the Mundane




Poetry Reading

Angela Kumpolt

Angela Kumpolt - Canadian Poet


Author of:

Eloquent Silence

Shadow Dancing

Solitary Depth


Select Poems:

Until There was You

Here We Are

Sway Me

Fold You to Me

Don’t Run Out on Me

I Want to Do


Poetry Reading

Jessica Aaron

“The Broken Poet”


Jessica Aaron  - “The Broken Poet”


Author of:

A Quarter Century of Darkness

The Darkness and the Glory


Select Poems:

The Realm of Nevermore

Blackened Sun


Dark Dream






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