Thomas Higens

P.O Box 6026, Knoxville, TN 37914

Phone Number: 615 – 738 - 0158



Thank you for your interest. Please allow me this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is:

Thomas Higens … AKA: T. Crawford – Crawford.


I have recently relocated to Knoxville from Eastern Long Island, NY

I have worked within the Entertainment Industry and Educational Field for well over two decades working the:


The Lecturer Circuit as an Educational Entertainer

The Community Circuit as an all around Comedic Performer


The Historic Circuit as part of the Living History Venue


Note* Below you will find some of my Performer Credits


Performance Credits

Five years as Merlin at the N.Y.S. Renaissance Festival, Tuxedo N.Y.

Eight years at the Brookhaven Town Colonial Fair, Brookhaven, N.Y.

Nine years at the Sands Point Medieval Festival, Sands Point, N.Y.

Philadelphia’s Celebration ‘90 Benjamin Franklin’s 300 Birthday Party

Fourteen weeks, Lord Baltimore's World, St. Mary's City, Md.

Four years, Washington Heights Medieval Festival, Washington Heights, N.Y.

Five years East Hampton Historic Society (All Colonial Events)

Three years Shelter Island Historic Society (All Fund Raising and Colonial Events)

Three years Con-Edison Earth Day Celebration 1996 –1999

Two years (each) both Greenport, Sayville and East Hampton’s Maritime Museums Maritime Day Celebrations


TV Credits

Night Life Magazine, WLIG-TV55, N.Y. 1985

The Edge of Night, Renaissance Week 1985

N.Y.S. Renaissance Fair Commercial 1982-1987


Publishing Credits

The History of Magic and Science, Kids Life Magazine 1983

Kaleidoscope Magazine -1990 Selected poems on clowning

The First Book of Merlin, Tuxedo Renaissance. Festival

Master Jack – A One Man Play

Performed At: The Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC


Selected to be part of:

The One Act Play Festival, South Street Sea Port, NYC


(most recently)

Lilith … in the Pit of Poseidon: An Audio CD Blog

For more info on Lilith … in the Pit of Poseidon


Lecture Credits

The History of Magic and Science

N.Y. Museum, Albany, N.Y. '84 and '85

Lincoln Ave. Elementary School, Sayville, NY 1991-1994

The War Magician

The Museum of Earth and Natural Sciences, Stonybrook, N.Y.

N.Y. Museum, Albany, N.Y. 1993


Teaching Credits

Lincoln Ave Middle School, Sayville, NY

Six week course in magic and stage presence

Museum of Natural and Earth Science, Stonybrook NY

The Dinosaur Workshop – Once a week for three months


Community Service Awards

Longwood Public Library, Middle Island, N.Y. 1984

Penataquit District BSA, 1994

James M Catterson Jr., District Attorney, Suffolk County, N.Y. 1994

Brookhaven Town Board, Patchogue, NY 1994

Longwood School District, Middle Island, NY 1995


*Please Note: The above are simply a sampling of a career that has spanned more than two decades

and during that time period Mr. Higens has played many characters

using many different names

Over the Years

Here is what they have said:



Laura Heller, Stage Manager, NY Renaissance Festival, Tuxedo NY

“a pleasure to work with and a wonderful addition to the fair”



Alvin J. Baron

Principal, Lawrence Ave. Elementary School, Lawrence, NY

“An outstanding demonstration of magic, Mr. Higens is a fine and intelligent performer who understands his craft and its place in Western Culture”



Rose Larabee, Society for Medieval Preservation, Throgs Neck NY

“What can I say? You are the best!”



Lynda Kaplan, Ivy League School, Happague, NY

“We look forward to seeing you again and again and again”



John Fox, Medieval Preservation Society, Sands Point NY

“Your knowledge on the subject of Medieval magic never ceases to amaze me”



Eileen A. Witt, District Enrichment Coordinator, Bellmore-Merric School Dist., Bellmore, NY

“your expertise and knowledge in your field helped make the ’85-’86 school year a special one”



David Overton, Town Historian, Brookhaven Township, Brookhaven NY

“Your rendition of a colonial conjurer helped make our fair a great success and we hope you become a permanent part of our yearly celebration”



Alice Lewderway, Family Coordinator, Museum of LI Natural Sciences, Stonybrook, NY

“I heartily endorse Mr. Higens, his knowledge on the origins and significance of magic has made his program a standing room only program”



Ron Diamond, Owner, Ronjo’s Magic & Costumes, Port Jefferson Station, NY

“You never let us down. You are a rare breed, sincere, charming and cheerful”



Joseph A. D’elia, Commissioner, Nassau County Dept of Social Services, Nassau County, NY

“The smiling faces and joyful faces of the children was a memorable sight”



Susan DelBosco, Mother, Coram, NY

“I took my nine year sod son to see another magician and at the end of the show he told the magician”:

“you’re good, but you’re no T. Crawford - Crawford”



Darren Solomen, 17 Year Old Magician, Holtsville, NY

“That was the best presentation that I have ever seen”



Greg Baranac, District Chairman, Penataquit district BSA, Penataquit, NY

In appreciation for your services I would like to present you with this plaque. It has been a pleasure.”



James Catterson, Jr., District Attorney, Suffolk County, NY

“For your time, effort and good will toward improving the lives of abused children in Suffolk County

I would like to present you with this plaque”


David Clemens, Director, Longwood Library, Middle Island, NY

“It is a pleasure to present you with this plaque. Thank you for your time and effort. You have made this community a better, a happier and a more enlightened place.”


For the next ten years or so people did not even bother writing me letters.

 Almost every man, woman and child knew who T. Crawford - Crawford was and that meant:




Personal References: Available Upon Request


Thomas Higens

AKA … T. Crawford - Crawford

P.O. Box 6026

Knoxville TN 37914

615 – 738 - 0158


Available As:

Magician – Comedian – Toast Master

Educational Entertainer / Lecturer


Available To:

Schools – Libraries – Corporate Events

Community Associations and Civic Organizations

Historic Societies and Boy Scouts and Fire Departments


Available For:

Educational Lectures and Magic Shows

Fairs  - Parades - Parties

Corporate Events and Holiday Parties

Historic Celebrations – Toasts and Roasts

Blue and Gold Dinners


For More Information Email:

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